Welcome to How I Scaled My Aesthetic Clinic, the podcast where the most high-performing owners of aesthetic clinics and medspas from all over the world tell their stories…

…And share the strategies and insights that allowed them to grow their businesses from often humble beginnings - to soaring success.
If you’ve ever tried to build a clinic, you’ll know that it takes a lot more than “just” being a great doctor or practitioner.

And it helps when you learn from the best in the industry!
So join me, Miriam Shaviv, host and director of content at Brainstorm Digital, as we explore how aesthetic clinic owners just like you have developed the mindset, skills and experience to transform their businesses - and how you can do the same.

About your host:

I'm Miriam Shaviv, director of content at Brainstorm Aesthetics.

We use a proven, 3-step process to keep aesthetic clinics and medspas fully booked with high-quality patients.

Our philosophy is simple: Before you spend significant time and money chasing brand-new leads, make sure you have got as much repeat business as possible from your existing patients and contacts, because they will always be the fastest, most cost-effective way to raise your revenue.

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