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Dr Erum Ilyas: Merging your aesthetic clinic successfully

Dr Erum Ilyas built a thriving chain of three clinics in Pennsylvania. So why did she decide to sell them to a much larger group, Schweiger Dermatology, at the peak of her career? While staying on as an employee in her own practice?

Misti Barnes: How I built my revolutionary hair loss business

Hair loss is a fast-growing market. So how can aesthetic clinics and medspas make the most of this opportunity? Misti Barnes shows one way. She’s carefully niched her California clinic, providing non-invasive skin treatments and hair loss treatments. And she’s gone one step further, as founder of Cellustrious Hair Follicle Rejuvenation, a patent-pending, non-surgical treatment for hair loss, which uses plant-derived peptides and growth factors to target hair follicles.

Dr Jonathan Johnson: How diversifying my business helped to me come out of the COVID pandemic even stronger

Many aesthetic clinic owners have different arms to their business… You might typically combine a medspa with a laser center, a plastic surgery center or dermatology practice. Dr Jonathan Johnson’s combination is unique. He runs both an aesthetics practice and a wounds care business in the same building in Washington DC.

Dr. Gregory Buford: How to deliver world-class customer service and build a loyal patient base

Nearly all aesthetic clinics say they offer “excellent customer service” or a “personalized experience”. So how can you turn customer service into a true differentiator? Dr Gregory Buford shares some unusual tips, which he uses to build extraordinary patient loyalty in his Denver practice, Beauty by Buford.

Dr David Goldberg: 3 life-changing treatments that have transformed aesthetic medicine

What up-and-coming aesthetic treatments should you be most excited about? And what are the most under-exploited opportunities in the aesthetics market? Today’s podcast guest, Dr David Goldberg, has a unique perspective…

Carrie Brinton: How to use a podcast to build your clinic’s brand

When it comes to promoting your practice, it’s a given that you have a web presence, that you’re active on social media and that you’re advertising online. But Carrie Brinton also hosts a podcast.

Dr Michael Gold: How aesthetic conferences are changing

Since the COVID crisis started, every major aesthetic conference or seminar has had to be cancelled, postponed or moved online. It sounds like a catastrophe for the industry. Not so, says Dr Michael Gold, who is president or founder of three major conferences, including the 5 Continent Congress (5CC) in Europe and Asia, and the Dermatologic & Aesthetic Medicine International League World Congress (DASIL).

Benji Dhillon: How I combined aesthetic medicine with cosmetic dentistry

Recently, there has been a surge of practices offering both medical aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. Often, this involves dentists choosing to add facial aesthetics to their offering. But what happens when an aesthetic doctor and cosmetic dentist combine forces - and build a joint practice, in which both sides of the business are exactly equal?

Dr Stephen Mulholland: Stand out in a crowded market by crafting your unique story

“It’s never been easier to find an aesthetic patient,” says Dr Stephen Mulholland, owner of the SpaMedica Surgery Center in Toronto. “There’s more than enough business out there for a savvy practice that has the right technology and skill sets…”

Kerry Hanaphy: Target younger patients to stand out from your competitors

A few years ago, Kerry Hanaphy returned to her native Dublin, freshly divorced and without a penny to her name. When I spoke to her a few weeks ago, she had just opened her second aesthetic practice in the city center, and had built a reputation as Ireland’s “Lip Queen”.

Graydon Ursel: How to use SMS marketing to unlock more patient sales

Here at Brainstorm Digital, our philosophy is that you should always make the most of the leads you already have on your patient database, before chasing new leads for your aesthetic clinic or med spa, at great expense. We use email to nurture and convert those low-hanging fruit… …Graydon Ursel has found another, complementary technology – SMS messages!

Dr. Bruce Katz: Turn your clinic into a market leader by pioneering breakthrough treatments

SmartLipo, Sculpsure, EmSculpt, the Madonna Lift, Cellulaze… These are some of the top treatments of the last 20 years – and one man has played a crucial role in developing them all.

Deb Farnworth-Wood: How to turn your clinic into a $70m franchise

How can you avoid being sucked into a “race to the bottom”? The market is flooded with competitors, everyone is discounting, and the margins are tight. As we slowly emerge from Coronavirus, it’s only going to get tougher, with social distancing restricting the number of patients clinics can see. There will be a temptation to cut prices even further to woo back nervous patients. Many will close down for good. Deb Farnworth-Wood, founder of the Australian Skin Clinics has shown one way out of this conundrum. She has built a successful franchise brand which she grew to 60 clinics across Australia and AUD $70 million before selling.

Hanna and Martin Kinsella: Give your clinic long-term resilience by diversifying your treatments

How do you build a resilient aesthetics business? It’s a question many practice owners are asking themselves urgently, given that the Coronavirus crisis is far from over – and the economic damage may last for months or years. Drs Hanna and Martin Kinsella have some answers. They believe diversifying your offering is key.

Eileen Lloyd: Treat your competitors as your partners, not your rivals

In these tough economic times, it’s natural to see every clinic around you as a competitor and to keep them at arm's-length. But what if you did the opposite? What if you methodically sought to collaborate with other providers, even those who might technically be competing for the same patients? That’s what Eileen Lloyd did and it’s the secret behind the explosive growth of her aesthetic clinics.

Mara and Jay Shorr: Treat your clinic like a business, not a medical practice

If you’re looking to build a successful aesthetic practice, why not learn from others who have been there before? Better still, why not learn from others who have a track record of succeeding again and again! That’s what Mara and Jay Shorr have done. This father and daughter management consultancy have helped aesthetic practices all over North America by strengthening the operational, financial and administrative sides of their clients businesses.

Haley Wood: Create your own magazine to convert new patients

Digital marketing is key to growing your clinic, but in a crowded market, how do you stand out? Today’s guest has an unusual answer. She bypassed the competition entirely and launched a print magazine to attract new patients. In the digital age she went offline - discover how you can promote your clinic by doing the same!

Victor Snyders: Why you should reinvent your aesthetic clinic every 2 years

In today’s fast-moving aesthetic industry, you can’t stand still if you want to stay competitive and grow. Victor Snyders, CEO and co-owner of Renewal Institute Clinics in South Africa, goes much further than that. Every two years, he completely re-invents his business.

Dr Ravi Jain: 40% increase in sales through email marketing

In today’s episode, Dr Ravi Jain reveals how learning to communicate effectively with the patients on his email database resulted in a 40% increase in sales – and why this is the one marketing tactic he will never abandon.

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