Benji Dhillon: How I combined aesthetic medicine with cosmetic dentistry

Recently, there has been a surge of practices offering both medical aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. Often, this involves dentists choosing to add facial aesthetics to their offering. But what happens when an aesthetic doctor and cosmetic dentist combine forces - and build a joint practice, in which both sides of the business are exactly equal?
That’s what Dr Benji Dhillon and Dr Mark Hughes have done.
During this inspiring podcast, Dr Dhillon (on the medical aesthetics side) reveals the challenges and triumphs of their first year of business together…
Plus some surprising lessons he’s learned about setting up a brand-new surgery and getting it off the ground.
Also in this week’s episode:
>> Why you need to treat your dental and aesthetic practice as two separate businesses – even when you combine them 

 >> The key to converting social media inquiries into bookings - Dr Dhillon says he’ll never outsource this
>> Why you should always share your business figures with your staff
>> How to ensure that your consultations result in new business - An insight Dr Dhillon picked up while working in some of the largest clinics in London
>>The secret to having a happy team - This is more important than financial compensation

>> The most important test to give your potential hires – And it has nothing to do with CVs, references or aptitude tests

>> Why getting the right marketing agency on board on board from day one is crucial to the success of your practice
>> Why being happy is the key to running a successful business 
And more…

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