Dr. Bruce Katz: Turn your clinic into a market leader by pioneering breakthrough treatments

SmartLipo, Sculpsure, EmSculpt, the Madonna Lift, Cellulaze… These are some of the top treatments of the last 20 years – and one man has played a crucial role in developing them all.
Dr Bruce Katz is one of the great pioneers of the aesthetic industry, constantly expanding the boundaries of aesthetic practice. 
JUVA Skin and Laser Center in Manhattan and Woodside, where he is medical director, is the original medspa – the very first in the world!
 But it’s also an active cosmetic and laser surgery research center, performing ground-breaking clinical studies for more than 20 years. 
And it’s also the only world training center for doctors to learn Smartlipo Cellulaze and Sculpsure procedures.
If you haven't been trained by Dr. Katz, you may recognize him from Good Morning America, CNN, The View, and many more national outlets where he appears regularly.
 On this podcast, Dr Katz shares the story of how he came to create the world’s first medspa, how he introduced SmartLipo to North America and how he became such a prominent media figure. And he explains how other clinics can blaze a trail ahead of their competitors by pioneering in their own way. 
Also in this episode….
>> How you too can innovate new technology at your practice – and how to identify new treatments likely to have mainstream appeal
>> The unexpected benefit of pioneering new treatments – It’s not just new patients you’ll attract!

>> How the media can help boost your business… and how to cultivate your relationship with key media outlets
>> Why doctors don’t always make good business people – And the behavior they must change in order to remedy this 
>> The one interview technique that will help you attract the right team members – and also weed out those who don’t fit into your practice
…And much more.
Resources mentioned in this episode:
JUVA Skin and Laser Center website: www.juvaskin.com   
JUVA Skin and Laser Center Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/juvaskinandlasercenter/ 
JUVA Skin and Laser Center Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/juvaskin
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