Carrie Brinton: How to use a podcast to build your clinic’s brand

When it comes to promoting your practice, it’s a given that you have a web presence, that you’re active on social media and that you’re advertising online. But Carrie Brinton also hosts a podcast.
The surprising thing?
 It barely touches on aesthetics. Instead, it features the stories of inspiring ‘regular’ women who have overcome incredible challenges or found a way to live ‘huge’ lives.
“Our business is all about empowering women… If you build a space where women want to be, they will be loyal to you,” she says. 
That’s something Carrie has excelled at. Since 2004, she’s built Utah’s most successful chain of medical spas, Elase. They are the #1 provider of Botox, laser hair removal and body sculpting in the state.
Carrie is also the COO of National Institute for Medical Aesthetics, which offers certification and continuing medical education for licensees in the aesthetics industry across the US.
In today’s episode, we discuss how hosting a podcast can bring in new patients - even if it’s not about aesthetics!
Carrie also reveals how she built her thriving chain of aesthetic clinics, despite having no medical background. 
Also in this episode:
>> How Carrie turned “empowering women” from a marketing slogan into a principle that infuses everything her business does
>> Why empowering staff should come before empowering patients (and how to do it!)
>> Why your marketing doesn’t always have to be about selling… or beauty
>> What to do when staff resist changes you know are necessary for your clinic
>> Why your marketing should feature lots of ‘regular’ women - not just models, stars and very successful people
>> How a podcast can transform the way you think about your practice
>> Who makes an ideal guest for your podcast?…. Her choices will surprise you!
>> Why doctors should stick to treating patients, and leave the selling to others
>> Why you should treat patients on a separate day from their consultation
>> How Carrie onboards her staff - it’s not about a day or week but an entire year of training! (PLUS: The surprising skills she teaches her team)
>> The one book that every ambitious clinic owner should read (it has nothing to do with aesthetics)
And much more…
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