Dr. Brad Calobrace: Building a $20 million practice in a smaller town

Dr Brad Calobrace is one of America’s best-respected cosmetic and breast surgeons. He travels the world speaking on aesthetic surgery, has participated in multiple FDA clinical breast studies and has been a consultant and speaker for Allergan, Mentor, Galatea and Sientra.
He has a thriving cosmetic surgery practice, performing around 1,000 major cosmetic procedures each year.

But unlike many of his most successful peers, he’s not based in one of the largest urban centers but in Louisville, Kentucky - the 29th largest city in the US (population 618,000).

In today’s podcast, he reveals how he built up his practice despite being a complete outsider when he first arrived in Louisville.
 He generously shares specific marketing tactics he uses to generate millions of dollars of revenue each year - including details of his annual Open House event and membership program.

And he explains how he’s cultivated a famously loyal team - including several staff members who have been with him for over 20 years. (Plus: His biggest hiring mistakes - and how he rallied his team together once these individuals left.)
Dr Calobrace is also co-owner of Beauty Through Science, the highly popular conference for Key Opinion Leaders, now in its 19th year.

This year, BTS will be taking place in Miami between June 17-19, after a last-minute switch from Stockholm due to Coronavirus restrictions. (It will be a hybrid event, with a virtual platform as well.)
We discussed the challenges of moving back to in-person conferences after a year of Zoom meetings, as well as how the program has changed to reflect the current concerns of aesthetic clinic owners as the pandemic recedes.


>> How growing up in modest circumstances affects the way Dr Calobrace practices

>> Why you need to be able to take risks to grow your business.... and when that’s no longer appropriate

>> How the financial crisis in 2008 changed the way he managed his practice - and helped him get through the Coronavirus crisis

>> The biggest challenge of going from one location to three

>> Why most clinics expand too early - and why Dr Calobrace waited nearly 20 years to open another location

>> The threat of “energy vampires” in your clinic

>> Dr Calobrace’s guiding principle for hiring the right people... And how to rectify if you get it wrong

>> Working with a spouse - the one role they must never take in your clinic

>> How he uses a glossy print magazine to generate new business

>> The secrets to his annual Open House, which typically generates millions in revenue

>> How he uses his loyalty program go generate over $100,000 a month - Find out how it works

...and more.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Beauty Through Science (June 17-19, 2021) -

CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery Center - https://www.caloaesthetics.com/

Calospa on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/calospa/

CaloAesthetics on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/caloaesthetics

Connect to Dr Calobrace on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-calobrace

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