Dr. Gregory Buford: How to deliver world-class customer service and build a loyal patient base

Nearly all aesthetic clinics say they offer “excellent customer service” or a “personalized experience”. So how can you turn customer service into a true differentiator? Dr Gregory Buford shares some unusual tips, which he uses to build extraordinary patient loyalty in his Denver practice, Beauty by Buford.
“We incentivize patients [to give referrals], but we hesitated putting a formalized referral program in - you know, refer one patient, get a $25 gift card. I think that’s cold. 
 “So what we do is surprise patients… When they come back in, we tell them we noticed they left us a review and here’s a free treatment. Or we send them a bottle of wine. We try to make them happy without them knowing to expect it.”
Dr Buford also sits on the advisory board of RealSelf.com, one of the industry’s leading review sites.
He explains how to use the platform - and similar sites - most efficiently to generate more business for your clinic, as well as how to separate qualified leads from time-wasters.
This nationally recognized speaker has also recently launched his own training academy, the Core Aesthetics Training Institute, and is known for his no-nonsense guide to managing and growing a plastic surgery practice, Beauty and the Business.
Also in this episode:
>> Why clinics that are booked weeks ahead aren’t actually doing as well as you think
>> Why Dr Buford routinely gives his cell phone number to patients 
>> The unusual marketing book which has helped him retain patients - this is a must-read!
>> How to build a patient base you really want to serve - and attract patients you genuinely like
>> What he learned about fostering customer goodwill from Nordstrom’s

>> How to balance being personal in your marketing and retaining the patients’ respect
>> The question from his publicist which changed the direction of his clinic forever
>> How he promotes virtual consultations in a way that makes them attractive to patients
>>  His process for screening out time-wasters who apply for virtual consultations… Before they ever speak to him
>> Why he bought a new building for his practice at the height of the COVID pandemic 
>> Why he’s launched a virtual training institute - and the future of virtual training
And much more…
Resources mentioned in the show:
 Beauty by Buford:  https://www.beautybybuford.com/ 
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