Dr Jonathan Johnson: How diversifying my business helped to me come out of the COVID pandemic even stronger

Many aesthetic clinic owners have different arms to their business… You might typically combine a medspa with a laser center, a plastic surgery center or dermatology practice. Dr Jonathan Johnson’s combination is unique. He runs both an aesthetics practice and a wounds care business in the same building in Washington DC.
In today’s episode of the How I Scaled My Aesthetics Practice podcast, we discuss what it’s like to run such different practices at the same time.
Dr Johnson also reveals the lessons he’s brought from the wounds care side to the aesthetics side, how the two sides of his business support each other and how diversification has helped him survive the COVID crisis. 
Dr Johnson’s aesthetics practice also has an unusual business model, where providers in his clinic can be put on a partnership track. 
During our interview, he talks about why this model is win-win for both parties, and how to get your part-time providers to promote your clinic online (as well as themselves) so that everyone’s brand is strengthened.

Also in this episode:
>> How Dr Johnson supports underserved communities in his area, typically patients of color
>> Why he’s deliberately trying to work with providers of all ethnicities
>> The critical business lesson he learned from his father, who was a dentist for over 45 years
>> How he picks strategic partners for his practice. It’s not just about aesthetics skills

>>  The key to managing his time while running not one, but two busy practices
>> His biggest marketing challenge - which has nothing to do with social media… and a lot to do with his location!
And much more…

Resources mentioned in the show:
Capital Aesthetic and Laser Center website:  https://www.capitalaestheticdc.com
Capital Aesthetic and Laser Center Instagram feed: https://www.instagram.com/capitalaestheticdc
Comprehensive Wound Care Services website: https://www.cwswounds.com
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