Dr Jonathan Kaplan: Buying an aesthetic practice

Dr Jonathan Kaplan is owner of Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery in San Francisco. After completing his plastic surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic - where he was trained by the team that performed the first face transplant in the US - he practiced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for six years.
It’s here that his career took an unusual turn... Rather than starting up his own practice from scratch, in 2013 he bought an established practice in San Francisco, which he has been growing ever since.

In this episode, we’re going to talk to him about why he made that decision, and how he took another doctor’s practice and successfully made it his own.

Dr Kaplan is also founder of Buildmybod Health, a website and iPhone app with a price estimator, which allows patients to get estimates for the procedures on their wishlist - before they book a consultation. 

We talk about why other doctors are so resistant to revealing their prices upfront - and why Dr Kaplan believes they’re wrong.

Finally, listen to Dr Kaplan reveal the piece of advice he took from me on email marketing to his patient list - and why he was surprised at the results he saw (but I wasn’t!) 😊

PLUS we discuss:

>> Why he requires patients to be vaccinated before attending clinic
- and how patients have reacted

>> How he managed to purchase his practice - without the help of an outside consultant

>> How he valued the clinic he was buying

The most important criteria he looked for, when searching for a practice to buy

>> Should the previous owner stay on during a transition period? Why Dr Kaplan changed his mind on this...

>> How he prepared the clinic’s existing patient base for the change in ownership - and the surprising % of patients he retained, 5 years after the takeover

>> The biggest mistake he made with the clinic’s staff during the transition

The biggest shock he experienced as a first-time clinic owner

>>  How he’s built a database of 15,000 leads through a form on his website

Why he is absolutely upfront with patients about the price of his procedures, from the moment they contact him

...and more.

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