Dr Manjula Jegasothy: How to build and retain a top team

Dr Manjula Jegasothy is founder and CEO of the Miami Skin Institute. In addition to being known for its natural-results approach, her practice is also known for its extraordinarily loyal staff. The key members of her team have all been with her for 7 years - or more. Attracting and keeping top talent is critical for the success of your aesthetic clinic or medspa. Yet many clinics struggle with high turnover of staff.
In this episode, we talk about how Dr Jegasothy recruits good people, and some special measures she has in place to keep them motivated and loyal.

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Pennsylvania, Dr Jegasothy follows in the footsteps of parents and grandparents who were all physicians. 

She has her own degrees from both Harvard and Yale universities, and is Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Miami Frost Department of Dermatology.
 Dr Jegasothy has been on the Editorial Panels for Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin & Aging for a number of years and has an extensive profile in local and national media.

Plus we discuss:

>> Why her father steered her away from a business degree... But she’s still obsessed by the business side of her practice

>> The two most important qualities to look for when you recruit new team members

>> Her interview process, step-by-step

>> Why she tries to keep staff numbers low

>> Why she involves her staff in all her clinic’s big decisions

>> How she incentivizes staff to help grow her practice

>> How she’s helped patients get used to be treating by someone other than her

>> What she’s learned about marketing after launching her own skincare line

>> The biggest gap she sees in the medical aesthetics market

>> The most valuable treatment launched in the last decade - and the new treatment she’s most excited about
...And more.

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The Miami Skin Institute:

Miami Skin Institute on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miamiskininstitute

Connect to Dr Jegasothy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manjulajegasothymd
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