Dr Michael Gold: How aesthetic conferences are changing

Since the COVID crisis started, every major aesthetic conference or seminar has had to be cancelled, postponed or moved online. It sounds like a catastrophe for the industry. Not so, says Dr Michael Gold, who is president or founder of three major conferences, including the 5 Continent Congress (5CC) in Europe and Asia, and the Dermatologic & Aesthetic Medicine International League World Congress (DASIL).
“I found those that did their homework after the conference had an amazing event. They actually sold devices. They actually sold skincare products” says Dr Gold, founder of Gold Skin Care Center and Tennessee Clinical Research Center in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Dr. Gold is not only a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon but a respected educator. He credits his successful 30-year career to his decision to teach other doctors. 
He lectures across the world and before COVID was travelling several times a year to China where he is visiting Professor at three separate hospitals.
In this week’s episode, he discusses how teaching dermatology has helped to cement his reputation and also reveals why you should be paying a lot more attention to virtual events.
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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Dr Michael Gold’s clinic:  https://goldskincare.com/ 
5CC World Congress:  https://www.5-cc.com/en/home/

SCALE Meeting: https://scalemusiccity.com/ 
DASIL Conference: https://www.thedasil.org/ 
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