Dr Sean Paul: Creating a practice of aesthetic super-specialists

Every clinic owner wants to build the best possible team around them. Often this means recruiting great aestheticians and reliable doctors, while the clinic owner remains the star of the show. Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr Sean Paul went one step further, joining with other top surgeons to build what he calls a boutique, “super-specialist” practice in Austin, Texas.
While he is still the business owner, the surgeons have a path to partnership and maintain considerable control of their own careers:
 “Corporate medicine has changed the way things run. You’re running through so many patients, it’s not fun anymore. It’s got to be fun. And so you have to create an environment where people are excited to come to work and get to practice the way they want to.
“I’m not even 40-years-old yet. I’m a younger buck in this whole changing environment. So somebody has got to put their neck out there and say, ‘[Physicians’] Ownership of their destiny is critical’.”
In this edition of How I Scaled My Aesthetic Clinic, we discuss how Dr Paul’s business model works. 
He started his practice just 6 years ago, using a “wheel-and-spoke” model of satellite offices throughout Texas to get known far beyond his “hub” office in Austin. Then, gradually, he turned some of those mobile offices into full-time locations.
We talked about the pressures and opportunities of fast expansion - and how he dealt personally with the shift from solo provider to owner of a major business, so quickly. 
PLUS we discussed:

>>  Why he chose a rare speciality - ocular facial plastic surgery - and some of the heartbreaking cases he’s treated

>> Why he expanded into minimally invasive aesthetics, even though he was very well niched

>> His vision of a clinic of top experts - and how that works in practice

>> How he balances giving his people a sense of independence, and maintaining a team feel

>> How he ensures that his team members understand the business side of the practice - not just the medical side

>> Why he creates a business plan for every new device he purchases - and the steps he takes to launch each new treatment successfully

>> How satellite offices helped him understand his community - so he could grow faster

>>  The 3 channels he considers essential for aesthetic clinic marketing

>> The biggest challenge in his marketing

>> The biggest trend he sees in medical aesthetics right now

...And much more.

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