Dr Sofia Din: Rethinking anti-aging

For 6 years, Dr Sofia Din served as medical director of a large nursing home in New York. She came to believe that America had a problem aging well. Too many elderly people were battling age-related diseases with poor nutritional support, dwindling energy and lots of medication. And she became determined to do something about it.

That’s why she founded Juvanni Medspa in Yonkers. She provides her patients with anti-aging services - including not just skin and body rejuvenation treatments but also weight management, nutritional advice and a focus on general health and wellness.

In this episode of How I Scaled My Aesthetic Clinic, we discuss how she promotes this holistic attitude to patients, and why she believes that this is the future of aesthetic medicine.
 But first, we dived into Dr Din’s extraordinary life journey.

She grew up in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and trained as a surgeon before travelling to America for an arranged marriage. It was here that she re-invented herself and found independence and freedom.

Dr Din also founded Hagar’s Foundation, a non-profit that helps other single mothers find employment while taking care of their health. She has donated all the proceeds of her first book, Do We Really Need Botox? A handbook of Anti-Aging Services to the foundation.

Plus we covered:

>> Why she was determined to control her own destiny after a restrictive childhood

>> Her father’s role encouraging her to get an education and become a surgeon

>> Starting again in America - completely from scratch

>> Why becoming an entrepreneur with her own clinic was ‘liberating’ for her

>> Why patients are increasingly open to the connection between general health and skin health...

>> ...And why she doesn’t try to persuade patients if they’re not interested in her anti-aging philosophy

>> The gutsy move that has made her clinic marketing a success

>> The emotional reason she founded a foundation to help single mothers
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