Graydon Ursel: How to use SMS marketing to unlock more patient sales

Here at Brainstorm Digital, our philosophy is that you should always make the most of the leads you already have on your patient database, before chasing new leads for your aesthetic clinic or med spa, at great expense. We use email to nurture and convert those low-hanging fruit… …Graydon Ursel has found another, complementary technology – SMS messages!
This week’s podcast guest is not a clinic owner, but he is the son of one…
 …And it was through helping his father’s practice with its marketing that he came to realize just how powerful SMS could be, to market and sell to aesthetic patients. 
Nowadays, he’s the owner of Forever Booked, which specializes in SMS marketing for medspas and aesthetic clinics.
In today’s episode, we discuss how to use your existing patient database in the most effective way, to ensure that every lead you generate is followed up systematically, whilst creating less work for your overstretched staff.
Plus, we discuss how to use SMS together with your email list, to build a really unbeatable marketing machine!

Also in this episode:

>> How to structure an SMS message that your audience will actually read… And respond to

>> How to use SMS messaging to re-activate your patient list after the COVID-19 shutdown (and even reassure them around clinic safety!)

>> Why even a small patient list of 1,000 contacts is worth messaging regularly

>> Why compliance is no barrier to SMS messaging
– You simply need to understand one basic rule

>> Why staff can find it difficult to respond to your patients’ SMS messages… And how to overcome this barrier to success

>> Why you shouldn’t be scared to regularly market to your patients – and the difference between pestering and following up

>> How to automate your patient follow-up process, so you don’t neglect a single inquiry ever again

>> The simple lead-tracking system that every clinic can set up without requiring complex software or technical know-how
....And much more!

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