Haley Wood: Create your own magazine to convert new patients

Digital marketing is key to growing your clinic, but in a crowded market, how do you stand out? Today’s guest has an unusual answer. She bypassed the competition entirely and launched a print magazine to attract new patients. In the digital age she went offline - discover how you can promote your clinic by doing the same!
Haley Wood is founder of The Look Facial Aesthetics, a fast-growing clinic in Tennessee. 
She has also set up a mastermind group for ambitious owners of growing clinics who want to share best practice and learn from other successful clinics. 
In today’s episode, Haley explains what motivated her to launch her magazine, and how to use print to attract and convert new patients and become an influencer.
She also shares her top tips on how to start your own clinic's magazine. 
Also in this episode….
>> How she builds her relationships with patients by getting them to contribute to the magazine
>> Why you should avoid social media influencers… And why the most important influencer is you!
>> Why she set up a mastermind group of her peers… And how peer support can make a difference to practice owners
>> The simple test which allows her to rule out 98% of job applicants - And why patients have ended up becoming her best hires
>> Why you need a business coach – no matter the size of your practice
>> Why you should seek business advice from outside the aesthetics industry, as well as from inside it
…And much more.
Resources mentioned in this episode:
Visit Haley Wood’s website: www.thelookfacialaesthetics.com 
Download Haley Wood’s Magazine: www.thelookfacialaesthetics.com/magazine/
Visit Haley Wood’s Linkedin page: www.linkedin.com/in/haley-wood-5ab12815/
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