Kerry Hanaphy: Target younger patients to stand out from your competitors

A few years ago, Kerry Hanaphy returned to her native Dublin, freshly divorced and without a penny to her name. When I spoke to her a few weeks ago, she had just opened her second aesthetic practice in the city center, and had built a reputation as Ireland’s “Lip Queen”.
And she did it all in the most unusual way…
 …By targeting a niche that many clinics ignore completely – younger patients!
Find out how she carved out this niche in a very crowded market – and how you can do the same.
And hear all about her extraordinary social media strategy, which has been one of the drivers of her success!

Also in this episode:
>> 3 reasons why young people are agreat niche to target (The money they spend is only part of the story)

>> How to successfully target male patients – another niche Kerry has conquered

>> How to use TikTok and influencers to dominate social media – and drive lots of new business

>> How to find up-and-coming social media influencers and build effective relationships with them

>> Why you should delegate your social media activity to younger staff, even if you think you’re a social media expert

>> The secret to great before-and-afters (Kerry’s social media experience has helped with this)

>>  The giveaway that you’ve niched your clinic too narrowly (Yes, it happens)

>> Why branding is one of the first things you should consider when opening a new business - and why Kerry spent a small fortune on a new logo

>> How to build joint ventures that encourage partners to refer business to you

>> How to discuss money with patients during these difficult times. And how to get your patients to spend more without frightening them

>> How to deal with making more money than you ever expected – A frank conversation about financial expectations, when you struggled early in life

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