Mara and Jay Shorr: Treat your clinic like a business, not a medical practice

If you’re looking to build a successful aesthetic practice, why not learn from others who have been there before? Better still, why not learn from others who have a track record of succeeding again and again! That’s what Mara and Jay Shorr have done. This father and daughter management consultancy have helped aesthetic practices all over North America by strengthening the operational, financial and administrative sides of their clients businesses.
So whether you’re opening a brand new practice and need help securing financing, or whether you have an established clinic that needs sharper hiring practices or better marketing, or whether you think it’s time to develop your exit plan, they can help.  
In this podcast episode Mara and Jay discuss why long-term planning is crucial to the success of your practice, and how to extricate yourself from the day-to-day running of your business and concentrate on growth instead. 
As a father and daughter team, they also share some unique insights into how to run a clinic when your business partners also happen to be family members! 
Also in this episode….
>> Why most medical practitioners are not natural business people… And who they should delegate commercial development to instead
>> Why the success of your practice depends on long term planning, and why your plans need to be shared with your whole team, not just the owners 
>> How far ahead you need to plan for your clinic …Depending on whether it’s your marketing, or your financial planning and how to ensure your plans are actionable
>> Which member of staff should be responsible for business development? It’s not who you think
>> How to get on with family members when they’re partners in your business – and why you need a written contract with them!
>> What to look for when hiring marketing staff   - And why they don’t need to come from the cosmetic industry
…And much more.

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