Michele Garber: How to improve patient outcomes with better communication

In her 50s, Michele Garber decided to get a neck- and facelift - and bitterly regretted her decision. She wasn’t satisfied with her result, her recovery was difficult and she had questions about the integrity of her surgeon. She realized that she could have used a guide to help her pick a more appropriate surgeon, manage her expectations and help her recovery.
And that’s how she became a patient advocate, helping other plastic surgery patients navigate the highly complex choices available.

On today’s episode of How I Scaled My Aesthetic clinic, we discuss the lessons that your clinic can learn through her extensive work with patients...

For example, why patients sometimes pick the wrong clinicians… What they often don’t understand about their procedures…. And the common mistakes that clinics make in communicating with their patients.

Much of our discussion focused on how clinic owners can make their marketing both effective and ethical:

PLUS you’ll hear: 

>> The red flags she missed when she chose her own plastic surgeon

>> Why patients find it hard to pick the right surgeon or cosmetic doctor - and the easy steps you can take to make it easier for them

>> Why too many patients have no idea what to expect from their plastic surgery

>> The real reason too many surgeons don’t have adequate protocols for post-op care for their patients… And how to get started

>> How to market more responsibly and ethically to your patients, to help them make better decisions about their procedures

>> Why COVID is leading patients to make rash decisions about their aesthetic procedures

>> The most impressive patient care she’s seen from America’s top surgeons

>> How a concierge service can help your clinic treat patients more sensitively

...And much more.

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