Misti Barnes: How I built my revolutionary hair loss business

Hair loss is a fast-growing market. So how can aesthetic clinics and medspas make the most of this opportunity? Misti Barnes shows one way. She’s carefully niched her California clinic, providing non-invasive skin treatments and hair loss treatments. And she’s gone one step further, as founder of Cellustrious Hair Follicle Rejuvenation, a patent-pending, non-surgical treatment for hair loss, which uses plant-derived peptides and growth factors to target hair follicles.
During our discussion, Misti reveals the secret of her success, the multitude of barriers she faced in order to launch her treatment, and demonstrates why it’s so important to clearly define the market you want to enter before you even set up your practice. 

Misti Barnes is the perfect example of why it’s never too late to be a successful entrepreneur. She only entered the aesthetic industry in her 40s. 

Also in this episode: 
>> Her fascinating journey towards becoming an entrepreneur – she once used to write murder mysteries!

>> What drove her to focus on non-invasive aesthetics

>> Why she believes that the traditional approach to hair loss is lacking

>> Why Coronavirus has resulted in more opportunities in hair restoration - including for aesthetic clinics and medspas

>> The formal exercise Misti went through before settling on her niche

>> How she launched her own hair restoration product without any experience in product development

>> Why you should never give up on your passions, even when the door is repeatedly slammed in your face – a truly inspiring story!

Resources mentioned in the show:

Ideal Skin Clinic by Misti Barnes

Celustrious Hair Rejuventation https://cellustrious.com

Misti Barnes Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/cellustrious/

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