Eileen Lloyd: Treat your competitors as your partners, not your rivals

In these tough economic times, it’s natural to see every clinic around you as a competitor and to keep them at arm's-length. But what if you did the opposite? What if you methodically sought to collaborate with other providers, even those who might technically be competing for the same patients? That’s what Eileen Lloyd did and it’s the secret behind the explosive growth of her aesthetic clinics.
Just 2 years ago, she operated 1 clinic in Western Australia. Today she operates 8 Hifu skin clinics, 5 of which opened in the last year.

During the podcast, Eileen reveals why your competitors are ideal referrers, how to get them to work for you, and why referring your own patients to them can actually boost your clinic’s credibility.

Also in this episode….
 >> Why would you refer business to a rival clinic at a time like this?… The answer may surprise you
 >> Who should you be collaborating with? … Hint, it’s not just other clinics
 >> What makes a good referral partner? … The four criteria you must have for a successful relationship
 >> How to build long-lasting partnerships with other practices …And how to incentivise them so that business flows both ways!

>> What sort of business can result from your partnerships? …It’s a lot more than just aesthetic treatments

>> Why partnerships generate more than just business …How it can also help you give back to the community
 …And much more.

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