Victor Snyders: Why you should reinvent your aesthetic clinic every 2 years

In today’s fast-moving aesthetic industry, you can’t stand still if you want to stay competitive and grow. Victor Snyders, CEO and co-owner of Renewal Institute Clinics in South Africa, goes much further than that. Every two years, he completely re-invents his business.
In today’s episode, Victor explains exactly how he does it, including the precise exercises he takes his clinics through to re-evaluate their mission, their strategy and their target market…
…And how this has helped the clinic scale to 16 locations – with plans for more!

Plus you’ll hear: 
>> How his background as a shopping mall developer shaped his aesthetic business… And why his lack of medical experience has been his greatest strength
>> The reason why his clinics don’t employ receptionists… And never advertise for employees! 
>> Why he never takes the profits from the business, and pays himself only a market salary

>> The surprising reason why he decided to stop growing the chain organically, and start scaling deliberately. (It had nothing to do with his own ambitions… And only happened after he opened clinic #10!)
>> The struggle to balance the brand’s needs with the individual clinics’ needs… And how he bridges that gap
…And much more.
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